OBDII Vehicle Tracker Product Release


The OT10 is a versatile and economical GPS tracking device, purpose-built for Usage Based Insurance (UBI), telematics, and fleet management markets. Providing easy plug-and-play installation, the OT10 is designed for passenger cars, light duty trucks, and service vans. With highly sensitive GPS/GLONASS and GSM/GPRS embedded antennas, an integrated J1962 connector, or known as the OBDII diagnostic plug, for power and an extremely compact design, the OT10 can be installed in a matter of minutes which substantially reduces the cost of installation.


The OT10 supports all legislated OBDII protocols while still providing customized features including flexible tracking and logging settings, up to 100 self-defined events (such as geo-fencing, towing, idling, speeding, detached alert, voltage monitoring and low/lost battery notification etc.), 3-axial accelerometer for driver behavior and impact detection, accurate odometer calculation, fuel consumption calculation, and Over-The-Air capabilities.

Key Benefits:

- Vehicle diagnostics and reporting capabilities

- Supports a host of OBDII permitted protocols

- Compact, lightweight, and robust design

- Optimized 3-axial accelerometer for driver behavior monitoring; combined with GPS information as well as the data from OBDII which makes the data comprehensiveness and trustworthiness