About Us

GPS Systems with Military Applications

Wonde Proud Technology was founded in June 2003 and headquartered in New Taipei City. Wonde Proud Technology specializes in designing the most advanced, integrated, and user friendly GPS products which had been widely-used in commercial and military field, where reliability and stability are most concerned. Over the past years, we have registered numerous patents and intellectual property which give us competitive edges in this vigorous market.

Bringing Cutting Edge GPS Products to Reality

With more than 15 years of accumulated experience on GPS design, we have been devoted to supplying the best products and services to fulfill customers’ needs. With leveraging core technologies, unique technical expertise, innovative engineering approaches, a strong work ethic, and high standards of excellence, we successfully convinced our clients and built long-term, mutual benefit relationship between each other. Besides, we are also expanding to support many different GPS solutions based on WiFi, Bluetooth, satellites, and wireless communications.

The Quality, Flexibility and Responsiveness You Demand

Our highly-responsive production team is another reason leading to our success. We perform all design, manufacture, QC and packaging in-house to turn out CE, FCC, RoHS, and BQB approved items. Our workers are well trained and are able to handle volume orders, but we also accept requests for as low as 50 units. Our flexibility is one of our core strengths and you are unlikely to find elsewhere.

Keep Improving Ourselves to Maintain Industry Leading Position

With more than one million GPS devices spread through the Globe, it is evident that Wonde Proud Technology is the industry leading supplier of high performance, superior reliability, and cost-effective GPS solutions. Our philosophy is to lead the industry by positioning ourselves on the cutting edge of advanced technology. And we strongly believe that, in the mean time when we enhance ourselves, this industry where we have been located is also moving forward actively with us.

We look forward to assist your company in finding a solution that would meet your unique requirements and challenges, and thank you for your supports and interests in our products.