• Magnetic Installation GPS Portable Tracker
  • M7 is a portable GPS Tracking device, with compact in size, easy mounting or hiding by magnetic installation to the metal part of a vehicle. With the superior GPS, GSM/GPRS modules on board, ultra low standby power consumption, IP 67 rated water proof feature in outdoor environment; M7 provides the best choice to your GPS vehicle tracking application, with its reliability, convenience and flexibility.
Product Feature
  • Data transmission via SMS/GPRS/UDP/TCP
  • Detached alert
  • Motion report
  • Roaming preference setting
  • Low battery level alert
  • Power management setting
  • Tracking by voice call
  • Installation in seconds
  • Up to 3 years+ standby time
Hardware Specification
  • Dimension(L : W : H): 102mm : 47mm : 46mm
  • Weight (net): 300g
  • Communication module: Quad-band, GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • GPS receiver: 66 channels, -165dBm high sensitivity GPS receiver
  • Memory: 4MB
  • Back-up battery: Built-in 5200mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery
  • Unit charging: 5V DC, 900mA
  • Tampering switch: built-in
  • GPS antenna: built-in
  • GSM antenna: built-in
  • Tri-axial acceleration sensor: built-in
  • Enclosure: ABS plastic, IP 65 rated
  • LED indicator: One LED with 3 colors for status indicating
  • Mounting: Magnetic
  • Radio Beacon: 433MHz, Optional
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