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GPS Vehicle Tracker
VT350 High Performance GPS+GLONASS/GPRS Vehicle Tracking Device

  • .Communication by Voice, CS Data, SMS, GPRS UDP/TCP
  • .Tracking & Logging mode, by Time interval,
        Distance interval, Speeding changes, Heading changes and IG status
  • .Report settings up to 100 self-defined events
  • .Geo-fencing (Polygonal)
  • .GSM Jamming alert
  • .GPS antenna tempering alert
  • .Towing
  • .Idling
  • .Speeding
  • .Power low/lost alert
  • .Input changes
  • .Roaming preference settings
  • .Power Management
  • .GPS Odometer
  • .Device configuration over the air
  • .Firmware upgrading over the air

Accessories & Peripherals:

.External GSM Antenna
.External GPS Antenna
.USB Cable
.Power/Input/Output Cable
.Input/Output Extension Box
.Video camera
.RFID reader and Tag
.POS Printer