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GM90 66 Channels High Sensitivity GPS Mouse Type Data Logger — Combining GPS with Gyroscope Dead Reckoning

In densely populated metropolitan areas where GPS signals are blocked is unavoidable, particularly in tunnels, underpass, multi-level road, indoor and underground parking garages.

The above challenging environments pose a problem for reliable navigation and vehicle tracking solutions using GPS. While GPS-only positioning causes significant degradation in accuracy, the DR (Dead Reckoning) enabled GPS receiver provides reliable uninterrupted navigation.

The GM90 is combined GPS with DR technology allows uninterrupted vehicle navigation based on angular rate of rotary motion and digital speed information provided by MEMS gyroscope (direction sensing) and odometer pulses (distance sensing) together with the MTK’s high sensitivity GPS receiver module to provide optimum navigation accuracy during period of good, poor and no GPS reception.

The data logger functionality has also been included in the GM90 which is allowing to store up to 250K data records.

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  • .In-Vehicle Navigation Systems
  • .AVL and Fleet Management
  • .GPS-Enabled Road Pricing
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