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M2150 66 Channels Ultra High Sensitivity GPS Module

The M2150 features high sensitivity, ultra low power consumption; compact size GPS module designed for a wide variety of OEM applications.

It is based on the latest MTK’s MT3329 high sensitivity single chip all in one solution which equipped with the most up to date signal processing technique, such as anti-jamming and multi-path error correction.

With 66 search channels and 22 simultaneous tracking channels, it acquires and tracks satellites in the shortest time even at low signal levels and offers up to 5Hz navigation updates. The M2150 meets the sensitivity and accuracy requirements of car navigation as well as other location based applications, such as AVL system, handheld navigator, or any battery operated navigation systems.

This superior hardware capability combined with software intelligence makes the board easy to be integrated and used in all kinds of navigation applications or portable products.

  • .Built-in the latest MTK MT3329 GPS single chip
  • .ARM7 based application processor
  • .High sensitivity: -165dBm tracking
  • .Channels: 66 acquisition/22 simultaneous tracking
  • .Cold/Warm/Hot Start time: <35/<34/<1.5 seconds (Autonomous)
  • .Low power consumption (~50mA typ. @3.0V in tracking mode)
  • .Multi-path detection and correction for accurate navigation in harsh
        urban canyon
  • .Support SBAS - WAAS, EGNOS, and MSAS (optional)
  • .TTL level serial port for message interface
  • .Up to 5Hz update rate (optional)
  • .1PPS GPS time reference (optional)
  • .Auto detected external active antenna
  • .Compact board size: 21 x 21mm
  • .Support standard NMEA-0183 V3.01 and backward compliance
  • .RoHS compliant
  • .SMT compliant