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GPS Smart Personal Tracker
iSTAR GPS/GSM Portable Real Time Tracking Device

iSTAR is a GPS/GSM tracking device which can be tracked and reports real-time geographic information.

By making a phone call from a 3G phone, iSTAR will hang up the phone call automatically and send back GPS location information, as well as a Google Map link via an SMS (text message), one can easily acquire the real-time position report from it. In addition, by pressing the SOS button for an emergency report to the authorized 3G phone, the towed away event can be managed and immediately reported to the user, iSTAR is your Stella.

iSTAR offers you total control and real-time location information via a Google Map link to your 3G phone. There is only one SMS cost for each operation and no monthly fee is required. Moreover, a pre-paid GSM SIM card is available. iSTAR can be your cost effective solution in vehicle security, children and elders protection, and pets or valuable asset tracking.

  • .Real-Time location report via SMS by an authorized phone call
  • .Emergency report to a maximum of three authorized phone
        numbers via SMS
  • .Moving report to a maximum of three authorized phone numbers
        via SMS
  • .Low battery level report to the pre-set phone number


.iSTAR unit.Jelly pouch.Lanyard.Battery
.Power adaptor.User’s manual.Screw driver