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GPS Vehicle Tracker
VT300 GPS/GPRS/HSDPA Vehicle Tracking Device Expandable Design for Customization

  • .Communication by Voice, CS Data, SMS, GPRS UDP/TCP for 2G
  • .Communication by Voice, SMS, Edge, UMTS and HSDPA for 3G
  • .Configurable Tracking & Logging mode, by Time interval,
        Distance interval, Speeding changes, Heading changes and IG status
  • .User Defined Interface(UDI), expandable for customization
  • .GPS/GSM antenna tempering alert
  • .GSM Jamming alert (optional)
  • .Geo-fencing control
  • .Mileage report
  • .Power Low/Lost alert
  • .Towing away alert
  • .Speeding alert
  • .Power Management
  • .Roaming preference settings
  • .Maximum 100 settings in user defined reports
  • .Internet Surfing via USB connection
  • .Configuration over the air
  • .Firmware upgrading over the air

Accessories & Peripherals:

.External GSM Antenna
.External GPS Antenna
.Power/Input/Output Cable
.Serial Cable
.Water Proof Casing
.Input/Output Extension Box
.Audio Box and RF Dialer
.RS232 Extension Hub
.Trailer Tracker Kit
.Radio Beacon
.4-button Remote Controller
.Video Camera
.RFID Reader and Tag
.Wireless and Wired Temperature Sensor
.Wi-Fi 802.11b/g Modem
.OBDII Scan Tool