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VT10 (GPS Vehicle Tracker)
High Performance High Sensitivity GPS Vehicle Tracking Device

VT10 Specification   VT10 waterproof kit  
General Description

VT10 is a smart and reliable GPS/GSM/GPRS vehicle tracking device which is developed and designed for vehicle real-time tracking and monitoring use. VT10 is suitable for many applications such as vehicle security, asset / fleet management etc.
With the superior sensitivity GPS module on board, the VT10 can easily get a fix even under urban canyon condition. The VT10 GPS vehicle tracking device, the best choice to your location based requirements.
Key Product Features

- Tracking (by time interval, distance interval or smart mode)
- Journey logging up to 100,000+ waypoints
- Geo-fencing report
- Mileage report
- Self-defined events report
- Emergency alert
- Speeding alert
- Towing alert
- Power low/lost alert
- Power Management
- Password setting
- SIM pin code setting
- GSM/GPRS communication simultaneously
- Device configuration over the air
- Firmware upgrading over the air
Hardware Specifications

- Dimension: 60(W) x 27(H) x 77(D) (mm)
- Weight: 110g
- GPS with 20 channels or above high sensitivity GPS receiver
- GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz frequency, SMS, GPRS UDP/TCP
- Power source: DC 8-35V
- Back-up battery: 950mA, 3.7V
- Power consumption:
< 55 mA @ DC 12V (GPS on, GSM on, GPRS connected)
<20 mA @ DC 12V in power saving mode (GPS off, GSM in standby mode)
< 8 mA @ DC 12V (GPS off, GSM off, 3D G/I/O sensors on)
- Serial port: 1 mini-USB, for data exchanging or back-up battery charging
- Input port: 4 digital input ports, with 2 positive triggering, 2 negative triggering
- Output port: 4 digital output ports, with 4 negative triggering
- Memory: Built-in 4MB flash memory
- Built-in 3D G sensor
- Operation temperature: -20C to +80C (w/o battery equipped)
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