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Products > GPS Photo Locator > DPL1100 (GPS Digital Photo Locator)
DPL1100 (GPS Digital Photo Locator)
GPS Digital Photo Locator
General Description

Think about the last place you traveled to. Do you want to know exactly where all your pictures were taken? Take the DPL1100 GPS digital photo locator with you on your next trip!

Utilizing the included mapping software and latest Geo-Mapping technology, the DPL1100 allows you to record and review your trip knowing exactly where you have traveled. Furthermore, if you took pictures on your trip, it will even show you the exact location where your pictures were taken and when they were taken. The most exciting feature of all is that you can upload your photos to flickr?online. It's a cool way to share your trip experience with friends and families.

Make your next trip special; don't let your trip gone by without precise location info. There is no subscription and no monthly fee. Get yours today!!
Key Product Features

- 16 channels "All-In-View" tracking
- Cold/Warm/Hot start time: 45/38/6 sec. (average)
- Superior sensitivity: -152dBm tracking
- Reacquisition time: 1 sec.
- Ultra low power consumption: 32 hours continuous use by 1100mAh rechargeable battery
- Support standard NMEA-0183 at 38400 bps baud rate
- 4M Bytes flash memory for data logging, with 16 bytes binary data per record that stores up to 250K data records
- Logging data interval programmable: by time or distance
- Vibration sensor for power management (auto power on or goes to sleep mode)
- 3 LEDs display all GPS and power status
- Time to full recharge: within 3 hours
- Size: 87.75 (L) X 46.45 (W) X 10.35 (H) mm
- Weight: 52g (battery included)
Product Brief

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