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WNB9000 Car Navigation Box
Ultra Low Power High Performance Car Navigation Box

WNB9000 Product Brief  
General Description

The WNB9000 car navigation box is a compact all-in-one GPS navigation solution suitable for car navigation applications; it is the optimum solution for fast and easy system integration and minimal development risk.

With high sensitivity GPS module on board, the WNB9000 car navigation box is optimized for fast time-to-first-fix, the WNB9000 offers good navigation performance even in urban canyons condition.

The WNB9000 is a low power solution, which is only consumes 250mA in full operation.

The WNB9000 equipped some nice features, such as SD memory card slot, IR remote control interface, NTSC/PAL video mode, USB interface. The touch panel is also available in the WNB9000 Navigation box.
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